Useful Information At Richmond we provide a wide range of services for our residents including the following : Birthdays and Special Events We celebrate birthdays and special events, our catering staff will bake a cake and staff enjoy joining in the celebrations. Chiropody A visit from a Registered Chiropodist can be arranged if required. There is a charge for a routine examination and treatment. If more extensive treatment is required you will be advised of the cost involved. Treatment is given in the privacy of your own room. Diabetics receive NHS Chiropody and this is organised by the R.N. Care Planning On admission to Richmond an R.N. will complete your Care Plan with the assistance of you and your relatives and will include all relevant medical history. Your care plan is continually assessed and updated as required. It is kept in the nurses’ office and is secure at all times. Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions We will actively seek your comments, welcome any constructive criticism, ideas or praise for any aspect of care, management or service that we provide. We carry out a number of surveys (Catering, Activities, Satisfaction) to allow you to give your opinion on all aspects of care within the home. We have a simple, accessible procedure to follow for complaints. A full complaints procedure guide is available to residents. Confidentiality All the staff understand the importance of confidentiality. Information and details of your personal care will be kept in confidence in the Nurses’ office and only those authorised will have access to them. Dentist Visits from a dentist can be arranged via the R.N.s. Your own dentist may do domiciliary visits and can visit you at Richmond. Dental repairs can also be arranged. G.P. If  you are from the local area, upon admission you can retain your own G.P.  Where this is impractical the Home will arrange for a local G.P. to look after your needs either from Priory Surgery or Brook Street Surgery. All professional medical visits will be conducted in privacy and confidentaility will always be maintained. Electrical Equipment You are welcome to bring in small electrical items, e.g. radio, shaver, etc. These are subject to approval by the Management.  All items need to be PAT tested by the company’s approved contractor. Fire Safety Richmond Nursing Home is subject to stringent fire regulations and annual risk assessment. The fire alarm is a continuous loud bell and is tested regularly by the management. You will be made aware of any fire drill taking place during your stay with us. All staff have training in fire drill and fire prevention training. To protect the health and safety of all residents, smoking is not allowed in the Nursing Home. This applies to residents, staff and all visitors. Gifts to Staff Staff are unable to accept individual gifts. However we have a staff fund for donations which is managed by the administrator. Hairdresser A hairdresser visits Richmond every Friday.  Shampoo and sets and trims for the gentlemen can be done without appointment. Lenny the Dementia Friendly Barber also visits every six weeks and with his portable jukebox recreates an old fashioned barber shop atmosphere in the home Hearing Tests Private audiologist appointments and NHS treatments can be arranged via your GP.  Care is taken with any hearing aids and batteries are changed when required. Hospital Appointments If you need to attend a hospital appointment you will need to  nominate a relative or other person to accompany you and arrange your own transport,  You may prefer to arrange a wheelchair taxi in preference to an ambulance. In the event of an emergency visit to A&E, we will contact the nominated person to accompany you. Internet Provision Richmond is connected to the internet and on request access can be arranged to allow you to connect your device. Inspections These are carried out by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority and are usually unannounced.  Reports can be accessed via the RQIA website  Monthly visits (Regulation 29 visits) are also carried out by an independent consultant and the reports are displayed on the noticeboard or are available on request. Laundry Laundry is done on site by our laundry assistants.  Clothes should be labelled before admission to avoid being lost in the laundry.  It is important to ensure any bedding, clothing or sleepwear purchased on behalf of a resident is flame retardant.  Items requiring Dry Cleaning or delicates that need handwashing should be taken away by a relative. Library Facilities A selection of books and tapes are supplied by the Library Service  and we have an in-house library also. Meals Menus are devised to meet “Nutritional Guidelines and Menu Checklist” as per Registered Community Dieticians, NI, March 2006 and are planned on a three week cycle and displayed at the entrance to the Dining Room. Medication When you are admitted to us, we check your medication against your prescription and it is kept securely in the drugs room.  Drugs are administered by RN’s at specified drug rounds throughout the day. Money Residents may keep a small float of petty cash (approximately £20 - £50) in the office safe.  This is kept in the appropriate file and all transactions are signed by 2 members of staff or where appropriate a receipt is obtained. Cash over £5 should be given to the Nurse Manager for safe keeping in the Office Safe. Newspapers Daily Papers can be ordered and are available for all residents. Optician Optimise visit us regularly and carry out annual NHS sight tests and the provision of spectacles.  You can arrange for your own optician to visit you if you prefer.  Diabetic eye testing can also be arranged. Pets Unfortunately, Richmond Nursing Home cannot allow pets, but pets are allowed in for short visits in the resident’s own bedroom.  We also have weekly visits from Pets as Therapy (P.A.T.S). Quality Assurance and Maintenance of Standards Richmond Nursing Home has systems in place to audit all the DHSSPS Nursing Home Minimum Standards over a 12 month period. Relaxation If you prefer to have some quiet times away from the company of others, we can arrange gentle music and relaxation CDs to help you relax in the comfort of your bedroom. Religious Needs Your clergyman or priest or religious adviser is welcome and encouraged to visit at any time.  Services are held at intervals depending on the wishes of the residents.  Residents’ Meetings Regular residents’ meetings are held to share views, suggestions, plan activities and events.  Relatives and family members are encouraged to share their views as well. Security All visitors/tradesmen are asked to identify themselves and sign a Visitors’ Book.  Exterior lighting is active during the hours of darkness and night staff undertake a security check of all doors and windows. Smoking To protect the health and safety of all residents, smoking is not allowed in the Nursing Home. This applies to residents, staff and all visitors. Telephones The telephone number of Richmond Nursing Home is (028) 9042 6558.  A hands-free phone is available for the use of all residents but residents should be aware that the nursing staff will need access to the line.  Visitors are asked to check with staff regarding the most suitable time for making calls.  If you require your own personal line you can arrange with B.T.  for your own room. Valuables and Property for Safe Keeping All clothes, valuables, furniture and other possessions are listed in the Property Book on admission including all clothing and jewellery worn on admission.  The relatives should check the items on the list and sign in the appropriate places with dates.  We recommend that any items of value eg. jewellery, which are brought into the home, should be insured against loss and theft and the Manager should be notified about all items of value brought into or taken from the Home.  Cash over £5 should be given to the Nurse Manager for safe keeping. Visitors Visitors may visit at any time; however, we would ask any visitors to use the same considerations as they would when visiting anyone at home eg. avoiding meal times. Visitors are asked : To ensure hand sanitizer is used on entering and leaving the premises. Not to visit if they feel unwell. have a cough or cold or have had vomiting and diarrhoea during the previous 48 hours or recently been in contact with any infectious illness, especially vomiting and diarrhoea. To please sign in and out of the Visitors’ Book at the front door, to comply with Fire Regulations. CALL US t:   028 9042 6558 f:   028 9042 6558 m: 07743 532219 EMAIL US e: Richmond Nursing Home 19 Seafront Road Cultra, Holywood BT18 0BB CALL US T: 028 9042 6558 F: 028 9042 6558 M: 07743 532219 EMAIL US E: